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Which suv to purchase

magic1023magic1023 Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in General

Hi all I am new here so wanted to get some opinions.I am trading in my 05 trailblazer for a 4cyl I hate to lose the power but I need to save on the gas mileage as i know have a second job and the gas is killing me.
I want the vehicle to be 4wd I prefer it not to be awd as that will lower my mpg but its still better than a 6cyl. here are some vehicles I am interested in rav4 year is not important but it looks like the 06./07 are getting the best mpg.
honda crv yr not important prefer 07 and above
equinox I know this is awd but the mpg are not bad I am looking at 10/11
I like the look of the jeep compass and the mpg but the reviews are not great.
I can't find any 4cyl 4wd highlanders or kia sorrentos in my area or else I would add them to my list.
I've always owned only 6cyl vehicles and 8cyl trucks so this 4cyl thing is kind of new to me other than the k-car I owned back in my highschool any advice or opinions would really help out as I am doing all my research now before pulling the trigger and trading my vehicle in.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Subaru? The Forester looks sort of like a SUV. Newer Ford Escapes have 4 cylinders available and get 20/26 EPA. That's for a 2010.

  • not too keen on the forester.I'm leaning towards a rav4.the newest year I could probably shell out for is 2010 and thats stretching the budget a bit.I'm tossing around (4) right now rav4/crv/compass/equinox.maybe a rogue my brother has one but the back cargo space is a bit small.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited February 2014

    As I recall, most of the reviews for the older RAV4s focus on the six cylinder - that need for speed I guess. :) But I seem to recall that the mpg on the 4s may not be any better than the 6 cylinders. There's a lot of discussions around here you can find by searching on "real world mpg". Hopefully this link will flop up the ones tagged SUV.

    You can swap out the SUV tag for a model tag (i.e. Toyota RAV4) to narrow the list down (you'll have to remove the SUV tag to do that, otherwise the list won't change).

  • Hey steve thanks for the info all that was listed on that link though was 2006.I found this site however that gives each year which you can also filter as well. l4/suv
    I know the v6 rav4's are getting almost as much mpg as the 4's they are so hard to find at the right price and mileage if I could find one that would be great.I would be getting the better mpg and still have a bit more speed and trailblazer is not horrid but its bad enough on gas.5-6 mpg is 5-6 mpg.

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