I need some rav4 opinions

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Hello all,
I am trading in my 05 trailblazer v6 4wd for a 4 cylinder in about a month or so I am leaning towards getting a 4cyl 4wd rav4 from 06-10 going from a 6cyl to a 4cyl I know I am going to save at least 5mpg. In 08 they changed the way they calculate mpg from what I hear to real world mpg.What I am asking is for some opinions from other rav4 owners on their mpg/reliability & how does their rav4 handle the snow.my weekly routine usually consists of about 40/city 60/highway.I am not all that interested in gadgets I am more concerned with mpg/reliability/ability to handle snow/and to a small degree cargo space.other vehicles I am considering are crv 08-10,equinox 10-11(though I dont really care for the awd as it lowers the mpg.I am also considering a jeep compass 07-10 I like the look of this vehicle though all the reviews I have read on them are not very favorable so I am like I said leaning towards a rav4 with what I can find anywhere between 45k & 70k miles I dont want to go much above 70k I've been trying to find a rav4 6cyl with not much luck either they are out of my $ range,too far away or too high mileage.any info you guys could give me on either rav4's you guys own or other suvs with 4cyl/4wd would greatly help.

Thank-you every opinion helps

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