Door Lock Actuator and Hand Sanitizer

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Just wanted to see if anyone had heard this one. I have a 2010 Highlander Hybrid. Within 6 months of buying it the driver door lock failed. Took it in and they repaired it under warranty. At approximately 3-6 month intervals every door look has failed on the vehicle including the hatch back. Now that the car is no longer under warranty I have to pay 600+ for the repair. I contacted Toyota customer service. They discussed with the dealer and they cut me a deal 400. Within 3 days of getting the car back both the driver door and a rear door failed. Toyota then had their regional tech look at it and they came to the conclusion that the fumes from the hand sanitizer caused all the problems with the locks.... now this is the second Highlander I have owned. The first I owned for 8 years and we had the same wipes in that car and NEVER had a failure of any electrical component. Has anyone ever heard of this before? This is my last Toyota by the way. The idea of having to replace the actuators every 3 months at a cost of 600+ is ridiculous. My older Honda sits outside, is treated much more roughly than the garage parked Highlander; has 30K more miles and I've never had to do anything other than change the oil.

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