Battery light comes on occassionlly

tgordon576tgordon576 Member Posts: 1
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First test revealed only 11.4 volts across the battery during operation. I installed a new alternator. The retest showed 14.2 volts. One week later the light came on randomly while driving. By the end of the week the battery was dead. I replaced the battery and insured the alternator was still charging. When I disconnected the neg battery terminal and put a test light between the bat terminal and cable, the test light glowed bright. I isolated the starter and alternator and starter and still had the same bright light. I isolated the issue to the main line going into the fuse block. Removed all fuses and relays and still had the test light glowing. My question are there any other components that could be drawing this current. Or is this normal. I did a voltage test over 1 solid day , directly measuring the battery voltage in the morning it was 12.93 volts 12 hours later it dropped to 12 .45. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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