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Need Some Information on Potential Civic Purchase

rscott016rscott016 Posts: 9
edited February 2014 in Honda

I have a Ford Fusion that was just in an accident and got news back today that it will be totaled, thus I begin to search for a new vehicle. It is my wife's and she previously had a Civic EX and loved it. I would like to feedback of how I can best approach a dealership to get close to what I am looking to spend on a new car.

I live in Nebraska and just looked up on our state DMV page the estimated tax, title and license for a 2013 Civic EX w/ Navi: Purchase price (I am guessing at this point?) 22,000/MSRP 20815, fees $47.10, tax $270, wheel tax $74, sales tax city $330, sales state tax $1210 total $1931.10. I am not sure how far off I would be with purchase price......

I have never emailed a dealership and made an offer OTD for $XX.XX before so I do not know how to approach, is it too much to just ask if they are able to meet my OTD price of $22,000 + $1,931.10 = $23,931.10? Based on the prices I have seen paid for the EX-L w/ Navi in 2014 board, this is most likely too high for what I could potentially get but I am not sure.

If anyone could provide a little help I would greatly appreciate it!

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