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Between new Passat SE 1.8T and Hyundai Sonata SE 2.4

My wife and I have driven everything in the segment and it has come down to these two.....having a tough time. The VW seems to exude more quality, but Hyundai's warranty says they will back it up. You definitely feel more connected driving the VW, more spoiled lux feel to the Sonata. She loved the venetian red/black combo on the Sonata, liked the opera red/black on the VW. The Sonata definitely looks more "exciting" inside and out. I really liked the 1.8T because they finally have a turbo on regular unleaded and the torque is avail from 1500rpms up. Felt almost BMW-ish overall.


  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited February 2014

    The VW is definitely "more car". You already mentioned the 'German road handling'.

    If you live in an area where they use salt on the roads in the winter, the 12year/unlimited corrosion-warrantee should be important to you. My Jetta received new fenders under this warantee with no questions asked by the dealership.

    Also, the turbocharger dictates synthetic oil and a cooldown-period after driving lest you may get coking within the turbocharger bearings. Dont get me wrong here, I have owned several turbocharger-equipped vehicles and really feel that the benefits outweigh any drawbacks.

    The acceleration 'rush' from a turbocharged engine is unmatched in naturally-aspirated engine. You get the economy of a 4-cylinder engine but the acceleration of a 6 when you want it.

    WIth VW, I have always liked the following which may not be available in other vehicles:

    *) Self-locking doors when you start driving

    *) Auto re-lock if you use the keyfob but do not open a door within a couple minutes.

    *) Radio stays on after turning off the engine until you open a door.

    *) Center sun visor above the rearview mirror.

    And... my VERY FAVORITE.... you can open/close the windows with the key in the drivers door. It is SOOOOO convenient to open all the windows on a hot day to let the heat out before getting in....or... close all the windows (and sunroof) by just sticking the key in the drivers door.

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