Dodge Caliber Torque Converter Installation

tjok60tjok60 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Dodge

Anyone know if the torque converter for the CVT need to be primed before it is installed. If so is how much fluid needs to be added? Thanks.


  • jaypizzthebizzjaypizzthebizz Member Posts: 16
    You should absolutely put as much trans fluid as you can in the torque converter the reason being is when you fire up your rig again it would take a while for fluid to make its way to the clutch n fins and torque converter unit which would be an issue if it were to get too hot or not make its way down on its own properly .also you want that fluid to be in the converter to allow it to cooperate hydraulicly properly n w o damage to the dicate converter as it is ! Hope this helps 
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