98 ply. breeze head gasket problems help!

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we bought a 98 plymouth breeze 2 yrs ago with 30,000 miles on. we really liked this car til now.
we had the oil changed where we usually have it done and they told us we had an oil leak. which means we have a blown head gasket. looked in the overflow jug and it was full of oil. now we only have 60,000 miles on it now. I have read alot
of complaints on the web, but not how anybody really got help from chrysler. I need little info before I try to butt heads with my dealer.
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    You need to read the DODGE STRATUS--REALIABLITY, and the 1997 NEON HEAD GASKET message boards. A leaky head gasket is very common on Chrysler's 2.0 and 2.4 engines. Call the customer sevice number in the back of your owner's manual and start a file. Your dealer may do the repair at little to no cost, as Chrysler is very aware of this issue I have had THREE head gasket jobs on my 96 Stratus. Good luck. also check out the PLYMOUTH BREEZE OIL LEAK board. Good luck
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