1998 honda accord LX

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This car was purchased new in Sept. 1998. In january of 1999, the balance shaft seal blew out.
Has anyone had similar problems with this model year?


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    I know that the 5th generation Accords had a recall on the balancer shaft seal problem. They inserted a retaining clip on the seal which corrected the problem on my 1995 Accord LX Took about 1 hour for the install. If you blew your seal, Honda should cover all repairs.
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    The check engine light is on on my Accord 2000. I took it to dealer and they told me that the engine is running to lean(error code P1164)and they told me they need to change the EMU(the control computer). The car has 9000 miles.

    Did anyone else ever have same problem? And how is the car after repair?

    I knew someone here who couldn't start car and couldn't take off the key from engine and dealer changed his EMU too.

    Does this mean sth about the EMU on Honda?
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    What does this stand for? I'm familiar with the PCM/ECM(power train control module/engine control module) because I had that replaced shortly after I got my 2k lx v6 because of occassional hard starting. Maybe they're the same thing just different nomenclatures. No problem with the key.
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    I read only one message about engine light for Accord V6 . I have a 99 model V6, 59,000 miles, which keeps engine light on. Dealer cleaned the EGR port second time, it came back on immediately. I do not think it is dirty fuel problem as the dealer claims, but, a more fundamental problem with design. They will replace the EGR valve next week. I also have randomly functioning fuel gauge. The fuel gauge failed at about 40,000 miles. This accord really surprized me. Is there anybody there who has similar problems? Ho did you solve the problem? I would appreciate any comments!
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    my AC is not working. Fuses,low freon and compress are good, can anyone HELP
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