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02 Chevy Express 2500 5.7 cranks but no fire

bigr82bigr82 Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Chevrolet

I've read different articles about this same issue but figured I would add my problem. Drove the van in 35 degree weather, then sat for 5 days in below 15 degree temps. Ran fine up until I tried to start after sitting.
The van will crank all day but not fire, unless you spray starting fluid in the air boot.

Changed the distributor cap and rotor
-checked spark, and have spark

Changed fuel filter
-Checked fuel pressure, has about 63 psi and holds that pressure

Checked all the fuses with a multimeter, also pulled and reseated them.

Hooked up cheaper scan tool, no codes.

I'm thinking about key/security system?
-Did turn the key on and let set for 10 mins, nothing.

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