2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid Recalls

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My 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid has been having some issues. The stabilitarak light comes one as does the Check Hybrid Engine and the Engine Light. In doing some research, I am finding some various recalls on related issues. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their Vue? I spoke with the dealership and he said he has nothing in the system which pertains to the Stabilitrak Issue. Any help or guidance is appreciated! Thanks.


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    I just experienced the same issue today. We went to the ocean side during very humid day. I parked near the beach and on my way back home the stability track light comes one as does the Check Hybrid Engine and the Engine Light. Also Hill Start warning message comes on and engine shut down.This is what I did .I disconnected a negative (-) wire for 1 minute from the battery in order to reset the computer then put it back .I started the car.Issue was gone. Don’t know if visiting beach and salty wind and humid caused it. In doing some research, I am finding hybrid sensitivity to this type environment.

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    I had this problem with a Pontiac torrent and found the problem was with the ECM inside the car just below the radio. The problem is the plugs that connect to the ECM/BCM body control module,you need electronic contact cleaner and dielectric grease. Once you get to the module pull out the plugs and spray them with contact cleaner, plug them in and out a few times to ensure the pins are making good contact. Then pull out the plugs and apply the dielectric grease to both the male and female contacts. You can get a spray in grease works good. Warning that contact cleaner smells and you will need to air out the car. Total cost is about $15 and it take less that 30 minutes.
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