Hyundai Genesis Dead Battery

balddogbalddog Member Posts: 1
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Major design defect in Genesis 4.6 and Equus sedans. If left unused for more than a few days, the battery will need to be jumped. I work part-time (1 day/week) and am retired, so car may sit for 2 - 3 days between use (average about 100 mi. per week). Have had to jump start car 6 times in 3 years of ownership. Hyundai says I don't drive enough to keep battery charged and problem not fixable. Also told if you leave car at airport for a week when on vacation, expect battery to be discharged on return. Last time car was idle for 3 days when battery died (new battery, was replaced 3 months prior to incident). Somehow I don't think Mercedes, BMW or Lexus have same problem, even though they have a lot of electronics.


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