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Buying A New/Used Jeep Wrangler in Maryland?

ourjeeplifeourjeeplife Posts: 44
edited February 2014 in Jeep

Let me remind you, because salesmen change and even get swapped back and forth from one dealer to another and depending on the date when one visits the dealership would be the type of response one can or may hope for.

Also, this data is just our experience while living in MD for more than 30 years and buying cars/truck/jeeps Yes I'll admit.. we are caraholics. Thou this current jeep really has a heart and unless we win a new jeep or this one is totaled.. we're not getting a new one.

Here is my list of those dealers in Maryland that We at JWN have had troubles with in the past for one reason or another..

Koons anything - Strongly Avoid
Antwerpen anything -Strongly Avoid
Don White - Maybe
Waldorf - Strongly Avoid
Ourisman - Strong Maybe
Adams - Weak Maybe
Tate - Weak Avoid
Heritage - Weak Maybe
Thompson - Maybe
DarCar - Avoid
Longmans - Strongly Avoid
Len Stoler - Maybe
Hoffman - Strong Maybe
Farrish - Strongly Avoid
Carmax - Weak Avoid

Lastly.. We've went out of start looking for new and used jeeps. The hassle with doing this.. Is that the dealer doesn't want you to know about any hidden fees to transfer tags etc because you're buying out of state. Last it's based on the principle of how long the dealer can keep you in the show room.. And when they see you know what you want without asking any questions.. The salesmen tend to stay away from you..

Always take someone with you that not only can scope out the jeep with you be it new or used.. But can scope out the actions and reactions from the staff as well as the service and parts department.. They say they want you business.. But if their body language doesn't say "we want your business" then avoid them and simple walk out even if it means you're half way through purchasing a new jeep.

For us.. this was the best decision we ever made.. Not only did we get rid of a car we actually loved in the beginning.. then hated in the end.. Having more than 7 recalls and a number of "other" issues we needed someone to get us out of this bad deal.

Still owing more than $20,000 on it.. Our monthly payments of $510.00* this was really ouching our finances.. We spotted a red Jeep wrangler in an ad.. and just had to check it out..

Mind you we attempted four other dealerships to get into a New or used Jeep Wrangler.. One dealership (Adams Jeep) wanted to place us in a 2010 Jeep Wrangler four door with more than 200,000 miles on it, wanting $23,000 for it.. But the dealer that had this red jeep, had everything ready before we entered the dealership. The whole process took less than 1 hour to complete.. Like I said they we on the ball.

The used 2008 Jeep Wrangler X was priced just over $17,000 and intern the dealership gave us $19,500 for our trade. (transferring over $500.00) With 13.8% financing charger (dropped 8.0% from our other car) Our payments ended up being $347.00** a month.. and wow we could finally breath a bit easier with lower payments.

Not only was it a drop in the interest rate, but our insurance went down as well. (Nearly $100.00 less a month then the other car) and now the fun part.. That "other" car required us to use Premium gas and now we're back down to regular.. that's a big saves too.

Now its just a waiting game.. to see what kind of MPG's will be getting.. Only using the jeep as a daily driver 17 miles one way. In the long run we've save allot of green so we can spend more time out in the green.

In another post, I spoke about fuel savings.. and we are still testing the option of using non-ethanol gasoline check out what our findings will be in the spring and summer months when we really put the non-ethanol gasoline to the test. More to come on that topic.

1) Financed through Capital One (Capone) for short.
2) Financed through Wells Fargo,Thanks Guys, you saved our butts.


  • Never sell your car/jeep/ trade in right off (your first visit) you could get a better offer in cash from another dealer or private source.
  • Never allow them to remove your tags for the vehicle you drove to said dealership (This is another hook, line and sinker.. They rush out to remove your tags and sort of mysteriously lose them)
  • Never give them your drivers licenses until you're ready to sign the contract, This will mean not being able to take a test drive.
  • Never allow the salesman to leave your sight, If he/she walks out make sure he is within plain sight after the fact.
  • Take that test drive only if you're unsure of what to expect. (IE: If you've driven a jeep wrangler before, Chances are there won't be any difference in the handling of the new one)
  • Never site in one spot for 2 hours (this indicated to the salesman your easy bait and they will keep you sitting there)
  • Never stay at the dealership for more than 2 hours (if the deal isn't made or completed, time to walk out)
  • Pay close attention to what you're signing.. You may not understand it but once your signature is on the paper.. they got you, even if there are hidden fees they didn't make you aware of)
  • If you talk to salesman about the Jeep and you catch them in a lie because you know jeep and he/she doesn't smile and walk out.

Lastly, Never simply buy a jeep because you want to "look cool" or be like everyone else.. The Jeep Life is a lifestyle and has developed a history and it's up to new jeep owners to continue these traditions and don't be surprised if you don't get to many "Jeep Waves"

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