'01 F-250, 5.4L, auto vs. '01 Ram 2500 5.9L auto (which one?)

paul04paul04 Member Posts: 2
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looking between a f-250 5.4L and a ram 2500 cummins, but don't know which to get i need to consider all specs of each but don't know for sure, also considering a f-150 5.4L but i'd rather have a 3/4 ton, thanks all opinions are wanted


  • dodgeram10dodgeram10 Member Posts: 74
    Go for the Dodge 2500 with the cummins diesel. It will be runnig after you have replace the 5.4 V-8 in the Ford about 3 times.
  • larryn2larryn2 Member Posts: 18
    i think he is talking about a gas job 5.9 is also a 360 not the diesel i think ford has better fit and finish than dodge . dodge is getting better but stil needs work .. larry
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    70's cop car engine, then when you graduate move up to the new Dodge with the 5.7L OHC Hemi. Should be ready by then. The old Dodge should last 4-6 years or until you get your Master's or Phd.
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