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Chevy Tracker timing chain

ray200ray200 Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Chevrolet

I have a 2004 Tracker LT 2.5 eng. 75000 miles and used only synthetic oil.
When I went to crank my car it seem to fire once. I tried again and it had a different sound like no compression. I continued to try a few times. I did a compression check and here is the results. #1- 60, #2-80, #3-70, #4-50, #5-50, #6-75.
After checking different forums I felt it had jumped a tooth and had problem in the timing train. I have opened up the eng. and looked at the chain. All seems ok but there is some slack in the chain at the center gear (maybe Idler gear). I moved the crank about a 1/8 turn and the slack tightens up and the #1 tensioner moves out to tighten the chain. I can push on the tensioner and it will move back in about 1/8". I can push it back and forth.
I lined up the crank key with oil jet and #1 on TDC and the timing marks are off about one tooth.
I will try to attach some pictures.
Question; If I remove #1 tensioner can I move these cams to the right timing marks and have the crankshaft set on its mark and install a new #1 tensioner, will I be ok?

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