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1999 Cavalier/tansmission went out/Customer Service NO HELP !!

lrodenbecklrodenbeck Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
My husband and I have owned 5 Chevy's in the past 11 years.
We've owned 2 trucks, 1 van and 2 cars, all of which have been Chevy's.
We convince all of our friends, co-worker's and relatives to purchase Chevy's as
well. That is, until now. In March 1999, I purchased a 1999 Chevy
Cavalier. The warranty has JUST expired, and lo and behold, my
transmission "went out". In the past, our satisfaction with Chevy
Service has been flawless. Again, until now. I immediately had the
automobile towed to my local Chevy dealer. I called Chevy, to see if
there could be an exception made with regard to the warranty, as the
car and transmission were only JUST 2 years old. (I've not requested
any warranty service EXCEPT a new battery during the time that I
owned my car). I was basically told that since the warranty was up,
there was nothing that could be done, and that these things happen.
I am now stuck with approximately a $2500.00 repair bill. ON A 2 YEAR OLD CAR !!!!!!!
This indicates to me that Chevy considers it's product a piece of junk,
they will not stand behind their product, and that I (AND EVERYONE
THAT I KNOW) should never buy a Chevy again. This whole experience is a shame.
It is a shame because Chevy just lost some of the most loyal customers that they've
ever had, or ever will have.)

Sincerely Sorry I Bought A Chevy & Won't Again,

Laurie Rodenbeck


  • 98monte_ls98monte_ls Posts: 117

    contact your local better business bureau. I don't think chevy would cover the whole cost but I do think they should cover at least part of it.

    Transmissions tend to last longer than 2 years. How many miles do you drive?

    Usually when the B.B.B. gets involved they sit up and pay attention. My mom had a problem with her Oldsmobile that was a lemon and they handled it. Just because its a Cavaler should not prevent you from being treated fairly.

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