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Dealing with an Incompetent Service Department

jpn1950jpn1950 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet

Does anyone know how to report and get action against an incompetent service department? I purchased my 2011 Traverse in Ohio and received excellent service all the while I was there. I recently retired and purchased a winter home in Ocala, FL. I took my Traverse to have it serviced and over the next week I started noticing oil in the driveway. I was afraid they had not put the plug back in correctly so I called and got it back in. I was told the Technician had spilled a little bit of oil on the undercarriage and the wiped it off. "No big deal". Within a 1,000 miles my "Change Oil Soon Light" came on and I started getting emails alerts from On Start that I was dues for an oil change, I am not going to risk an engine, so I took it to a Buck dealer who looked at it and advised me the reset buttons had not been reset. They said the could reset thm and I could watch it manually. I opted to have the oil changed for safety sake. They were unaware that my last service was at a GMC dealership and the Technician came out and told me I should be taking the vehicle to a GM Authorized dealer. He advise the last person who serviced the vehicle apparently just pulled the plug anf let the oil run all over the undercarriage. He said it was a total mess and he had taken solvent and cleaned the whole under carriage for me at no charge.


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