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This story begins almost a year ago. I decided at that time to buy the new 2012 navigation system CD. My wife takes the vehicle over to the dealership and they put in the new DVD. Remember this point because it will have relevance at some point because it was under warranty at the time. A few hundred miles later we're ready to go on vacation when I try to put in an address and it won't let me - not moving or not! So i go to the dealer which a tried for 30 minutes to get it to work - to no avail. They said it would be $1200 to replace the "reader".

Remember when they first installed it and it was under warranty? I'm guessing the techs never tested the system to see if it properly worked.

Fast forward to today. I take the vehicle in to get a new battery. I leave the shop and notice I have no navigation system, CD, or radio working. I pull right back into the shop and say Hey! An hour and a half later they say "you need to call customer service".

I would like to know the genius who tied the operation of the radio and CD to the navigation system!

Customer service made an offer to partially cover the cost, but it was actually quite embarrassing both from them and the Company in general.

So I sit currently with no resolution on a $60,000 vehicle of which the navigation system has been rendered moot by Google maps anyway.

We'll see how Toyota handles this. I currently own 4 Toyota's, but future purchases on totally continent on this outcome.


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    Update: Received a phone call from the dealer within a week to fully replace the reader at no charge.

    However; while it worked fine for awhile, same symtoms appeared once again in early August. Toyota must have a serious issue with a certain subcontractor who supplies this.

    As mentioned in my earlier post, Google maps has essentially done what Toyota should have done; put them out of business!
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