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2001 Jeep Cherokee Fair Selling Price?

barky1barky1 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Jeep

Selling our 2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2wd 4dr. 154,000 mi, color Patriot Blue, body is in good shape, some scratches, nothing major. Interior is ok, no roof lining, leather seat has tear but clean, lift gate needs new struts (cheap). Roof rack, foot rails, 1 is cracked. No air, radio is crap, electric windows not working. Engine is in good shape, tires are great. Can't drive due to possible differential problem making it dangerous to drive.

Any idea what a fair/realistic asking price would be?



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2014

    Not much. If it wasn't dangerous (!) to drive, and otherwise clean, it could bring $3,900 in a Florida zip code at a dealer, or ~$2,800 selling it to a private party as I assume you're going to try to do.

    Calling it "rough", you're looking at $2,381 retail, $1,653 private party.

    We don't give numbers for a "damaged" one, but it sounds like this one is going to need a bunch of work and really would fall into that category.

    You can appraise it yourself and dial in the options and zip code better. My guess is that the rough "trade-in" number would be your best hope (around $1,200 or so), and anything over that would be gravy. But you may be lucky to get even half that - my '99 van is still running good and it's probably not worth $1,500.

    Not being a 4WD isn't going to help either, unless you happen to be in Florida.

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