What causes my 1998 Honda CR-V with 264,000 mileson it to go into limp mode?

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The transmission was working fine until I had to floor the gas to avoid a ZOMBIE DRIVER on a dumb/smart phone. And I barely made it home. That was all of five minuets and after I stopped in my driveway. ( Hum? Drive way / Park way Wow ) And while it was still in Drive I let off the gas to pull forward and I rolled back and no gears work.

The next morning I started it up and it drove fine for about five min, so I put some Lucas transmission in and it helped, so I drove it to wall-mart and picked up Honda transmission fluid and did the fill and drain procedure four times. ( The transmission fluid was black and burnt looking like it never been changed)
Disconnected battery cables for a couple hours
Test drove it and still will not shift into 3rd gear and looses all gears after about 3 to five min.

Took off solenoids and tested them for voltage and click and cleaned them with Carburetor cleaner and made sure that when activated with 12 volts the passage was also clear and cleaned out.
(Linear solenoid, upper (on Transmission housing) Tested good for ohm
(Lock-up Solenoid - On Torque Converter Housing) Tested good for ohm
Now I did not change the gaskets and on one of the gaskets it was kinda flattened in one spot ( probably should change it)

Hooked up obd 2 reader and no codes showed up and no check engine light.
Drained again and used Z1 with 3 quarts to fill it.
Replaced crush washer

Anyone ideas on how to fix this issue?


  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338

    Well, it sounds like you are guessing and that's all any of us can do at this point.

    Black transmission fluid that looks burnt is never a good thing and I do have to wonder just how often it's been changed. I have the trans fluid in our CRV's changed every 30,000 miles since it's not an expensive thing to do.

    264,000 miles are a LOT of miles even for a Honda. I would have a dealer or a QUALITY transmission shop take a look at it. It kinda sounds like overhaul time.

    Flooring the gas didn't cause this. It's due to old age and miles.

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