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The real results of 2000 mile trip off the showroom floor

shedoneshedone Longmont, ColoradoPosts: 2

After reading the review of Consumer Reports on their take of the pros and cons on the 2014 Cherokee Latitude, I don't think they actually ever drove it.
I purchase my 2014 latitude after trading in my 1998 Buick Park Avenue (which I loved dearly).
My wife and I drove it home packed it full of travel gear (next day) than drove to the interstate with 27 miles on the speedometer. After a 500 mile break-in we bumped the speed up to 70 mph and kept it there for 2000 miles.
The only thing changed from the manufacturer was I increased the tire air pressures to 40 PSI. We also used premium gasoline. The gas mileage averaged 35.5mpg. Used no oil. Engine is V6 3.2 SVVS. The transmission was a joy. The only tme I could
feel it shift is when it went into passing gear..VERY SMOOTH! This jeep was equipped with stabiltiy control..WOW! I never owned a better handleing stock automobile. If you want to buy a SUV..get this one!! OH! BY THE WAY..I own a 1994 Jeep Cherokee with 19,000 miles on it and the engine and transmission running gear has never been touched...HEY Consumer Reports, do a real test on the Jeep Latitude again.....its a smooth slick vehicle.. The dash instruments are STAR TREK..need to relearn them.


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