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New Toyota PreRunner



  • jburgosjburgos Posts: 2
    Has anyone driven the PreRunner in the snow ? If so how did it handle?
  • desertdesert Posts: 1
    Hello - I'm really looking forward to buying a 99 Prerunner V6 Extracab. I've been doing a lot of research, reviewed all of the standard and optional features, and then found out that this Prerunner does not have the option of 5-speed manual transmission. Does anyone know why the Prerunner is the only Tacoma that does not have the 5-speed manual transmission? Is this actually true? This would be a huge disappointment for me if this information is true.
  • jps11jps11 Posts: 3
    The Prerunner only comes with an automatic. The new 2000 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner that will compete against the Prerunner is due out in May/June. It will only come in an extended cab version, XE or SE, with the 3.3 SOHC V6 and either an 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual.
  • dhouledhoule Posts: 1
    I thought I'd pass on my experiences. Hopefully they will answer some of the questions posted here...

    About two weeks ago I ordered a PreRunner from Vero Beach Toyota (FL). I did my homework on the Edmunds site before talking to any dealers. Vero Beach was the fourth, last, and best dealership I visited.

    I ordered a
    99 4cyl XtraCab w/Black ext/Grey int
    SE (chrome trim,privacy glass,sliding rear window)
    Bucket seats
    Value Package III (mats,CD player,bedliner,toyo)
    Power Package (windows,locks)
    Convenience Package (tilt,cruise,tach,clock,etc)
    Color Keyed Fender Flares
    15" Enkei Alloy Wheels
    Reese trailer hitch

    I added up the dealer cost for the base truck + dealer cost for each option + $300 for the South Eastern Toyota (SET) distributor fee + $400 for the dest charge + $300 fair profit (based on the Edmunds fair price formula.) The price I settled on with the dealership came to $19,900. I know the dealership made some money on me but I'm happy and they're happy (I payed exactly $2000 under sticker/MSRP)

    Some things I learned along the way...

    -Not all dealerships are create equal - take your time and don't let them talk you into anything. Get up and walk out to another dealership, eventually you will find one that will sell for your price. Do your homework before you step on the lot. It only took me 40 minutes to close the deal because I knew exactly what I wanted before I even talked to a dealer.

    - The PreRunner ONLY comes in an automatic. Also, the on-demand positraction is not available for the 4cyl. One good thing about the 4cyl PreRunner, it has a slightly larger engine than the 4cyl "street" version. 2.7 liter compared to 2.4 liter

    - If you live in the southern states (AL,FL,GA,NC,SC) you will get value package III on this truck whether you want it or not. The SET distributor (Mr. Moran) adds this package to every PreRunner automatically. Every other option can be added/deleted...if you are willing to wait for your truck to be shipped or located.

    - It cost me (and the dealership) nothing (except the normal destination charge) to order the exact truck I wanted, so don't let them tell you it costs more.

    - There are 2 different 15" alloy wheels I've seen around here. The Toyota wheels and the Enkei "Directional" and "Flat Face" alloys. Most of the dealerships around here use the Enkei wheels. Make sure you know what you'll be getting and what they look like.

    - If you want color keyed fender flares (the ones that come on the 4x4's with the sport packages) you will have to pay about $255 extra (dealer cost) as there are no packages for the 4cyl PreRunner that include them. This individual option (flares) is not listed on Edmunds 4cyl PreRunner page.

    - Option AA (15" wheel package) was a bit misleading to me in that I thought the "wheel arch moldings" were the fender flares. They're not. Also, the larger tires in the AA option (at least around here) have raised white lettering on them. I didn't want that so they let me keep the stock PreRunner tires and charged me less.

    - I also requested that they not attach a dealership emblem to the body, instead, they said they would use a Vero Beach license plate frame. I have had problems with other vehicles in the past where corrosion has started around or behind these little emblems.

    - I noticed the invoice price Edmunds lists (as well as our local loan interest rates) just went up a little - better get 'em, while they're hot!

    Hope this didn't bore anyone. Heck, maybe it was even informative. If you want to know anything more feel free to e-mail me:

    [email protected]
  • kityhwkkityhwk Posts: 2
    To Uptime: Was the price of $19,900 including tax and license for a total out the door price?
    You really did your homework. You can e-mail me at [email protected] Also, what did you do with the wheel arch moldings that came with AA packet?
    Thanks for your information on color key fender flares.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    I was going to buy a prerunner, but unfortunately I was unable to get the price I wanted haggling. I have been told that since the Prerunner was a new special truck the prices would not drop too much. Also, the dealer had only 4 cylinder Prerunners. Well, I bought extended cab SR5 4wd Tacoma with V6 auto for $23,5000
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    you guys need to check the incentives/rebates section here. There was a pretty large incentive ( $1,000 plus?) going, though I'm not sure if it's still on.

    So, if these incentives are still on, if you're paying "$500 over invoice" you're paying too much. I heard a few examples in past weeks of people paying "below invoice" prices for Tacomas. Also, Tundras will be canibalizing a lot of their sales, so I'd look for further, deeper discounts on Tacomas in the coming months.

    Also, as for Toyota's (in)famous "toyoguard package", toss that right out the window when comparing to other compact trucks. It's profit, pure and simple.
  • chiplawlerchiplawler Posts: 1
    I have had my PreRunner (Extended Cab V6) for 24 hours and have just one thing to say about it. Damn this is a fun vehicle to drive!

    I have only had cars in the past (the last being a 1988 Honda Civic LX) and was a little nervous about buying a truck for the first time. It has been really great in traffic, I get to see what is ahead of me and people seem a little afraid to cut me off!

    I got the "Sunfire Red Pearl" with the oak interior. It is a feast on the eyes! I did have some trouble getting it though. I ordered it from a local dealer and waited two weeks, all the time the fleet manager was telling me that it would be in at anytime. On Saturday (5-22) I was told that it would be at the dealership within hours. I called back on Sunday and the fleet manager that was there could not find it. I ended up driving to another dealership and finding the truck of my dreams. I got it for $250 bellow the invoice plus the $1000 rebate.

    Here is the list of items it has;

    Bucket seats
    TRD Off-road package
    Power Package
    Special Edition Package
    Tilt steering wheel
    Cruise control
    Digital clock - Hard to read, its in a bad spot.
    Carpeted floor mats
    Over the rail bedliner

    Has anybody installed the TRD Supercharger? I am thinking about getting it a year down the road and I am concern about the life span of the engine.
  • k2skimank2skiman Posts: 1
    Does any one know how to get ahold of a regular cab Prerunner. I live in San Diego, and three local dealerships have told me that they have yet to have a regular cab sent out from Toyota, and although it's listed, they're not sure Toyota's producing any regular cab Prerunner's, or, at least, they're not shipping any to our region.
    --I would think that I could order one from the factory, but the dealers continue to argue that they are certain they can't order the regular cab Prerunner.
    --Any advice is appreciated.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    I have seen the regular and extended cabs prerunners here in the Northeast. They don't seem to be selling well here the prerunners. Ask the dealer to check the inventory of other dealers.
  • sushisushi Posts: 99
    Why would I want to get a Prerunner instead of a Tacoma 4x4?
  • trenttrent Posts: 86
    Sushi, I'm wondering the same thing but maybe hauling around 500 or so lbs. of stuff you rarely use might be a factor. I'm sure gas mileage is 2 or 3 miles better. Seems like a good idea if you don't really need four wheel drive.
  • sushisushi Posts: 99
    So basically it's for looks?
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Well the Prerunner is the next best thing to the Tacoma 4x4. I used to work at the constructions sites and although you may not need the 4wd the clearance is handy.
  • zookazooka Posts: 2
    I have had it for a couple of days now and absolutely love it! I had a '91
    Toyota 4x4, and decided to go with the Prerunner because I just didn't use
    the front axle I much as I thought I would. I got the locking rear
    differential, which should get me out of some tight spots.

    Great 4x4 looks, but without the cost of a 4x4!!!

    Love it...

    Joe Blanchard
  • sushisushi Posts: 99
    But If I go snow mongoosing, and forest 4x4ingm then it's not the greatest choice for me?
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Congrats on your new truck.
  • caloy101caloy101 Posts: 1
    i got my toy prerunner alil over a year ago... when they first came out.... i got it when it wasnt on toyota's homepage yet...... *i think* .. good looking toy... and it aint that heavy... i have the 4cyl engine.. and i must say.. its powerful enuff for my daily stuff...i love it ....... enjoy~
  • paulp575paulp575 Posts: 12
    Why would anyone want to get a PreRunner? Simple - if you seldom use 4WD, why spend the extra $2500 or so on a 4x4 when the V6 PreRunner comes with a locking rear differential. I used to own a '96 4x4 and used 4WD only when I needed to pull my boat or jet ski out of the river (very steep ramp!). The $2500 to $3000 savings on the PreRunner (at least according to Four Wheeler magazine's May 1998 issue) caused me to take a hard look at the PreRunner. I looked at both the '99 4x4 and the '99 PreRunner. After all was said and done, I purchase the '99 PreRunner with the V6 (so I could get the locking rear differential) and the TRD package. Haven't had to use the locking rear differential yet because the V6 is powerful enough to not have wheel slip coming up the ramp (the V6 is rated at 190 HP - my '96 was only a 4 cyl.). As for the TRD package - that is probably 'dressing' to an already good looking truck, but it gives me the 31" tires which results in (if you can believe Toyota's product description) a ground clearance of 12.4" - quite high for a stock vehicle.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Definitely you would need a 4x4.
  • spkirkspkirk Posts: 10
    I'm thinking of buying a V-6 Tacoma Prerunner 2WD extended cab pickup. I had a chance to drive a 1999 4WD Tacoma Extended Cab and it was a lot of fun to drive. I have never owned a Toyota, but, I hear they are extremely reliable and pretty good on gas. If anyone has any shopping tips for the South Carolina market, I would appreciate the tips. Is there anything that I should know about Toyota and their dealers? Any help would be appreciated!
  • trenttrent Posts: 86
    I recently when to a Toyota dealer in NC and was very surprised at the treatment I recieved after what I have heard of Toyota dealers in general. I didn't buy a Toyota but it sure wasn't due to the dealer. Their first offer on price for a prerunner with TRD was very close to invoice but I never took it any further.
    The gas mileage is a good plus for the prerunner.
  • scott3scott3 Posts: 1
    I just bought my first truck with an automatic transmission - don't have a
    choice with the prerunner. Is it normal for the shift selector to vibrate
    while driving? It's not a violent shaking or anything - just constant


  • rotorrayrotorray Posts: 42
  • eholmeseholmes Posts: 1
    I want that truck when I turn 16 in a year so bad I can tate it but I cant afford it any won have a suggestion
  • rotorrayrotorray Posts: 42
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    The shift selector does rock back and forth when the truck goes over rough pavement or surfaces.
  • I bought my 99 std cab Prerunner in January. Pkgs including wheels and 265 tires, bucket seats etc., variable wipers. Added aftermarket cruise control. Paid 14419 including freight from a DC area Maryland dealer, Darcars, a very positive experience. Driven the truck to the Keys twice and got 23 mpg at 75 to 80. I was originally going to get a regular 2wd but the extras with the Prerunner: HD suspension, HD transmission, 2.7L 4cyl, larger gas tank, 15 inch wheels, skid plates, HD rear axle, etc. along with the 14k price convinced me otherwise. I noticed comments about acceleration but I have found that with the A/C off the truck is very peppy (4.09 gear). The A/C is a bit of a drag. The only complaint is with the mirrors. I wish the truck had power mirrors as the manual mirrors are knocked out of position too easily.
    I would recommend this truck to anyone and especially in place of the 4wd if all one needs is clearance.
  • Anyone know what the current (mid Aug) incentives are for '99 V6 2WD Xcab PreRunners? I've heard $300, 500, and 700 from different dealers plus I heard 1500 (?) from a friend tonight.


  • adamf1adamf1 Posts: 2
    I am currently looking at a used 99 Prerunner at a dealership. It is four cylinder, xcab, w/ cruise and a bedliner. It has 26,000 miles. What should I be thinking of paying? Is 15K too much, too little, or just right? Does the fact that new 99 prerunners are discounted now help me at all?
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