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Antilock brake light and electronic stability control lights constantly on

sgraziosisgraziosi Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chrysler

I was driving my 2011 town and country on the highway in clear weather and suddenly the anitlock brake light and electronic stability control dashboard lights simultaneously came on and have remained on for several days now. Everything in the car is working fine. Has anyone have this happen and what did you do to get the lights off?


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    kdogg67kdogg67 Member Posts: 1

    Traction control light comes on mine periodically as well and to me when its on for no apperant reason and I cant shut it off it seems to me that it makes my transmission shift harder or "goofy".My biggest issue with the car is that when i first start it up in the morning I have to literally wait like 5 or more minutes for the rpm's to drop to around 7-8 rpm and if I dont when i try to put it into gear sounds as if the transmission is gonna fall onto the groundIts quite a bang.Sometimes I can shut it off manually sometimes not but most of the time it "bings" at me and comes on for no apperant reason..Gonna call chrysler dealer and hope its under warrantee for drivetrain because the van has 46 k on her..

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    dagathadagatha Member Posts: 2

    I have a 2009 Ford Flex and the Traction Control Light comes on AND the system engages! So I'll be driving along on a dry, smooth road and BAM! All of the sudden the wheels lock up for a second and everyone lurches forward. Ford shrugs their shoulders and says they can't figure it out. (What happens when an accident happens Mr. Ford?)

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