2013 Honda Pilot Ex 4x4 Constant Vibration During ECO Mode

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I previously owned a 2006 Honda Pilot and absolutely loved it. So, I bought a 2013 Honda Pilot in July 2013. This car has developed a constant vibration while the ECO mode is active (which is basically any time you are not accelerating or going up a hill!). It feel likes driving on grooved pavement! I asked Honda to disable the feature (not even fix the feature) and they said it is working as designed and will not do a thing to address the problem.

I'VE GROWN TO HATE MY NEW HONDA PILOT. For a company supposedly based on Kaizen and customer satisfaction, I've come to realize that is all a farce. Honda does not care about their customers! I will never buy a Honda again and will do what I can to ensure that no one else falls into the trap that I'm in. Unfortunately, I need to keep this car for 5 or 6 years, though I have serious doubts about whether the car will fall apart much quicker than that with this vibration. Shame on you Honda!

I know there has already been one class action law suit about the ECO system causing backfires. If anyone is aware on a second class action law suit to address this ECO vibration issue, I'm sure ready to sign up!


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    Have a 2013 Pilot. We are experiencing the same "shudder" when the car shifts at different speeds (especially between 40 and 60 MPH). Its very annoying. We have taken it in 3 times. Ironically, my neighbor has the same vehicle, color and all. I asked her if she had the same issue. She is experiencing the exact same problem.

    The dealer said it drives normal. However today, when the dealership's technician drove it, he was able to feel it. They are doing a scan of the data from the torque converter (not sure exactly how that works). They said this is becoming a common complaint, but Honda does not recognize it as a problem (smart people). The scan is being sent to a "master" technician at Honda corporate. I'm hoping this fixes this annoying problem.

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