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96 Chevy Van Express 1500 hard to start

96 Chevy Express Van 1500
Hard to start cold. Once started runs fine, and will run and start all day, starts on a dime, but sit for several hours, then hard to start.

Here is what I done already.
New Plugs, wires, fuel filter,check Fuel pump pressure 60, new distributor cap
Fuel additive to clean injectors.
Brand new battery.

Here are some interesting findings:
If I barely turn the key, just enough to engage the starter (1/2 second), then let off, it will sputter, die. Turn the key again just barely to engage the starter, let off, sputter, die. Eventually repeating this
it will sputter and start, maybe after 10 or so tries, 90% of the time.

If I spray starting fluid into the intake, (I think it is the intake), my neighbor did it., will start right up and keep running. and run fine.

If I try to start by turning the key and cranking for several seconds, on trying to start, as people normally do, it will not start, just crank and crank but not start.

Now, this is the weird thing. If I attach jumper cables from my wife's car battery, pos to pos and neg to neg to mine and then try to start my van it will start right up, without issue, run fine etc. This led me to believe it might be the battery, so bought a new battery, but still have same issue. Also found that the car I'm jumping from need to be running else I get the same hard to start result.

Anyway, saw a similar post saying it may be the ignition switch, I am trying to see what the best course of action is so as not to keep throwing more money into unneeded fixes.

I would really appreciate any help in this matter.


San Antonio, TX.


  • von7von7 Posts: 2

    You might want to try the temp sensor. This controls many things that will make your van/car nuts! The part is around 20.00 bucks so it's not a big miss if it don't work, good luck

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