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Dissapointed with this vehicle RAV4 SUV Sport 2008 4 Cylinders

coquiprcoquipr Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota

I've trusted Toyota vehicles two times before. Great experiences., but this third time I bought a RAV4 SUV Sport 2008 4 Cylinders has been totally different. It has received about 5 recalls. Lately it started a strong noise like metal, parts, or something in the engine that sounds like a friction. About a month ago lights of oil, maintenance, tires, and VSC and a lamp which is a malfunction according to the book lights up, all at the same time. I went to Toyota with this issue. They told me that the sieve was clogged. How could it be possible when the vehicle has only 36,000 miles and I changed the motor oil (which has to be synthetical) and filter frecuently. They just cleared the sieve and change the oil and filter. On my own I brought my SUV to a private car mechanic who check it with a digital device. He found that the engine's connecting rods are all damage, and the rack and pinion too. An engine repair was recommend, by the way really expensive.. Toyota said nothing about it. Their recommendation: change the motor oil every other month !!! If my SUV broke down to this point, I will never, ever buy another Toyota. I don´t have any reliability or trustworthiness in this rubbish vehicle.


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