Chrysler Sebring jxi 2.5 after tune up still misses NO codes up.

1thomas21thomas2 Member Posts: 1

1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible jxi 2.5 just tuned because it started running rough. It is still running rough after changing spark, plugs wires, Distributor cap and rotor, broken vacuum hoses, intake manifold gasket, egr valve and solenoid, egr tube gaskets , and the air filter. Sprayed out the throttle body with cleaner and I thought it was fixed fir a short time ,but back to the same running rough. I am stumped as there are no codes showing on the dash. Has any body had or know someone who has had this problem? If so PLEASE HELP.......... Thanks 1thomas2


  • donnaluvdonnaluv Member Posts: 7

    It is your crank shaft sensor mine did the same thing. Spent $3400 to find that out lol. Have the mechanic go in through the wheel well, behind the plastic covering when you take the tire off, there is a little area to put a long socket wrench in and take the bolt off
    , it takes about 15 minutes, other wise they will remove ECU, distributor and rack up your bill. I paid $40 to install good luck

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