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A funny thing happened on the way to a test drive......

captdavelcaptdavel Posts: 2

My wife and I visited our local dealer today with the intent of taking a 2014 Escape 2.0 liter turbo for a test drive. We had set up an appointment on the day before and had a contact name and we specifically stated that we were interested in car with the 2.0 engine. So the salesman brings the car over to us and runs inside the store to get a set of dealers plates. While he's inside the air conditioning compressor of Escape number one locks up. I shut the car off and told the salesman that he had a bad compressor. So he verifies what I've said and then turns the A/C off and pulls the car into the shop. Then he brings car number two over to us, starts the A/C and this one locks up so bad that it stalls the engine. Number two is pulled into the shop. So we try car number three - same problem with a drive belt that's actually smoking. New car sales manager comes out to see this fiasco and apologizes profusely. Salesman says "How about trying a 1.6 version?" I agree but figure that we should run the A/C first on car number four for a few minutes before we drive off into traffic. I did get to do a test drive as the smaller engine version ran okay, but this old man wasn't impressed. Turbo lag, road noise, very confusing audio controls. We were not amused by the total lack of quality control. A 100% failure rate in air conditioning systems is not a good thing. As we were leaving the dealer the salesman said "We'll have a 2 liter version checked out for you by tomorrow...." No thanks.


  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,814

    Three in a row....oh, really?

  • I kid you not. It was actually very funny to watch. We'd just come from the Honda store where we looked at CR-Vs. The contrast between the professionals at Honda and the Three Stooges at Ford was pretty entertaining. I'm working a short list and the Escape isn't on it.

  • This is helpful. I really liked the Escape, but it is the most expensive crossover I'm looking at, so part of me wants to find a reason to cross it off the list. I am getting increasingly concerned about reports of multiple trips to the shops for AC and other problems. too. To me, that defeats the purpose of having a new car!
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