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I have a two year old Old Intrigue with tan leather seats. I have ground in dirt, or stains from clothing, that I cannot remove with MCGuires, Armor All leather cleaner, or anything else.

I have heard that Lexsol is good; but I cannot find it at any auto stores in the area.

Has anybody had a positive experience cleaning their leather seats with a product?

Anybody know where Lexsol can be purchased? On the web?

Any suggestions at all in cleaning the seats would be appreciated.


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    Why don't you try the Leather Seat Maintainance topic? Lexol is found in most auto-parts store and is comparable to Mothers. You can purchase it at Lexol.com.
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    I found it at Pep Boys for $8.99.
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    Lexol is good stuff. Buy both the brown and orange bottles for best results (one is the cleaner the other conditioner).

    When my leather is grimey I use Eagle One's cleaner as it seems to do a better job. But I don't use it every time as it's too aggressive IMO.

    If you have leather cleaner around the house, give it a shot. Try it first on a hidden part of the leather just in case it stains or does something wierd.
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    Thanks to all for the input. I ordered Lexol on the web. I will try Eagle One if Lexol does not do the job.

    Thanks again!
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    I just bought a used 1999 Jaguar XJ8L and the previous owner smoked, and seemed to perhaps have sweat a lot, as the interior stinks. I've heard of leather absorbing the smell of the inhabitant, and I think I'm experiencing it firsthand. From what I understand, the leather in Jaguar's is supposed to be pretty high quality--is there any conditioner that will bring back the leather smell into the car? Will hide cleaner or lexol do this or is there some other product available?
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    There's already a Leather Seat Maintenance topic area here with lots of info re Hide Food/Hide Care. Suggest you post and read posts in that existing forum.
    Re the odor, find a cleanup/detailing shop that has an ozone machine. The musty odor from a trunk leak in my car was completely eliminated by the use of one. They really work.
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    thanks again for the tip. I finally found a shop that has one today. I'll try it out and let you know how it goes.
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    I've been using two products from Zaino (www.zainobros.com) for leather car: a cleaner and a conditioner. The conditioner contains mink oil and does a great job. And it also restores / adds back that leather smell. Check them out!
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