1994 Sonoma start up problems

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I need help. I am not a mechanic and not mechanically inclined (ie I can change my oil and a tire, but that is about it).

I have a '94 GMC purchased about 4 years ago. It has roughly 68K miles on it. Recently, as in the last two winters I am having a tough time getting it started. The problem used to be only on cold mornings (like 0-15 F). The engine would not want to turn over, but after a few tries I could typically get it running.

Now this it is happening even when it's in 30s/40s, but I cannot get it started sometimes. This problem is very intermittent and difficult to recreate. Some mornings it starts up with no trouble. Sometimes I am able to get the engine started, but then it immediately dies (repeats this process several times until I give up). Sometimes I am not able to get the engine to turn over at all. This only happens in the mornings. The truck always starts up reliably in the afternoon/evening. Everything has power --the battery is in good shape as are all the connections. I had the distributor caps and wiring harness replaces a year or so ago. My husband thinks it is the fuel pump going out.

Is there anything else besides the fuel pump that could be causing this? I appreciate any advice. I live in UT and that this truck has seen a lot of dirt roads and possible abuse on washboards - I used to live 46 miles down a dirt road


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