Topper Hoists And/Or Removal Ideas

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Does anyone have a lead as to where you can get a hoist or other device for lifting and storing the topper? Previously I have seen some discussions but have not been able to follow up on them.
Thanks - A fellow Quad Cab happy owner!


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    We have a normal size carport and in order to remove our topper - I assume you are referring to a camper shell - we just use regular come-alongs. With a piece of wood to help support the shell and four reasonably placed come-alongs, you can easily lift your topper. The reason we used come-alongs is that they are strong and we have taken the topper off and left it jacked up into the ceiling of the carport for months at a time. Never have had a problem and we get some pretty bad wind around here - New Mexico. Your total cost is probably less than $100 - just be sure you can anchor the come-alongs well into the ceiling.
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    I installed pulleys and used one Come-A-Long to lift my full size 8' fiberglass topper. It worked, but I went back to a simpler method.

    I remove the C-clamp like attachments. I get in the bed of the truck and use my back to lift the topper enough to slip two 2*4s under it, one in front, one in back, both from side to side. I use regular C-clamps to attach the topper to the 2*4s.

    The 2*4s extend past the topper about 6" on each side and have a "O" bolt on each end. I tie a rope to each corner "O" bolt and to the ceiling joist. I lift one corner about 1.5' and tie the rope. I do this to each corner.

    When done, the camper is 1.5' above the truck and tied off with another rope for safety.

    I can remove or install the topper myself.
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    I have also used the methods listed previously but wasn't happy with the results. The come-a-longs work as do large ratchet straps, but you are limited by the amount of distance you can lift. Another problem I found is that it can be difficult lowering the toper with the risk of dropping on your nice truck. I bought 2 boat winches with 2" I 20' straps for about $60. Mounted each winch on 3" Aluminum Angle about 15" long.(To drop the winch low enough so the crank clears the truss.) Then bolted each unit to the same truss about 4' apart. Then I bolted a piece of angle iron to the 3" Alum. section and to the adjoining truss for additional support. (probably not needed, but figured cheap insurance). Then I put 2 long eye bolts into the truss about 6' over(the width of the toper.) Then all you have to do is hook the strap end with the hook on the eye bolt, run the 2" strap under the toper and attach the strap with the locking pin into the winch. Do so on both winches and you can easily crank the toper up one end at a time. The wide straps make it quite stable with no metal to scratch the truck or the toper. I am able to lift the toper high enough in my garage so that I can park the cab under the toper and still have 1-1/2" of clearance.

    Hope this helps.
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