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2004 Suburban Stuck in 4WD

tomehtomeh Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet

My 2004 Suburban is stuck in 4 high. The first sign of a problem was a loud squeal coming from the left front wheel when on ice or needing the 4wd to engage (has automatic 4wd). Next I had a loud thunk after starting it before shifting from park. Now the 4wd is stuck in 4 high. It is not showing any codes when scanned and does not show "Service 4 Wheel Drive" on dash. It will shift in and out of 4 low fine, but goes back to 4 high when button is turned off. The fuse has been removed and put back in with no luck. Even though it doesn't show a code, we have hit "clear" on the scanner which makes a click noise but still won't take it out of 4wd. The worst part is the vehicle only has 42000 miles and over half of them are interstate, easy driving. It been well taken care of since we bought it new in 2004. We have had recommendations to replace the 4wd actuator and or replace the transfer case motor but with no code no solid advice. Has this happened to anyone else?

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