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I am looking at a 1992 Dodge Stealth with 77,000 miles on it. I have not been able to contact the previous owner and it is being sold at a independent used car lot. Does this car need the timing belt changed at 60k? and if so, how much should I pay? In addition, what is the track history on the Mitsibutsi engine and transmission (auto) in these vehicles. How many miles are they good for? Thanks for any help you can give.


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    Go to for better info

    Timingh belt is 60,000 and very expensive. The twin trubo is around $400 due to a ton of labor. Non turbo I don't know. The 6 spd manual tranny shifts hard and has had mamy complaints but the 5 spd seems okay So much depends on prior usage and maintenance. Most owners at the above site, including myself, swear by the RedLine synthetic gear oil for the trannies, really makes them shift smooth. Engines themselves appear to be great.

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    jwjeppson, Let me give you a little history: I've owned my '91 Dodge Stealth since '94. When I bought it, it had 31k miles on it. It now has 245,000. I know this car very well, inside and out.

    The specs say that the timing belt should be changed every 60k miles. I do not recommend going beyond 70k miles. If it breaks, your car becomes a 3800lb paper weight.

    For best results, I recommend that you get the following done when your mechanic goes after the timing belt:
    - Use only the original equipment Mitsubishi timing belt (or your car will sound like a space ship for the next 30k miles!)
    - Change out the water pump every time the T-belt is changed.
    - Change out the spark plugs and use ONLY the NGK brand plugs it came with. (Typical price ~25.00 per plug, but I've found them on-line for $11.00/plug)
    - Change the other two belts
    - Have the mechanic check all 5 engine oil seals. Replace if they look old (don't wait for a leak!)
    - Have mechanic use synthetic 75w90 oil for the AWD trans, the transfer case and the rear differential.

    If you do the stuff above, in addition to the printed 60k mile maintenance, you can get it all done for about $1,200 to $1,600 (San Francisco-Bay area price, yours will be lower). It sounds expensive, but if you use 10w40 synthetic engine oil every 4000 miles, you won't have to raise the hood for maintenance for another 65k miles (I guarantee it!).

    P.S. Other than a small oil leak, I haven't had any problems out of the turbos either. Enjoy!
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    To: highfly77

    Why are you suggesting replacing the water pump every 60,000. I did not believe there was any problem with them. I can see at 120,000? Is it simply because you are in there so do it, save the labor? I use synthetic with the twin turbo, currently go 5,000 and oil analysis fine using 10W30. I did switch my transmission and transfer case oil to RedLine Gear Oil, what a difference it made in the ease of shifting. MT90 GL-4
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    This last weekend I bought a 95 Stealth ES. Although it only has the SOHC, it still flies. Before buying it, I came here and read some of the posts. Actually, I visited quite a few sites and decided I was getting a great deal. Has 67K miles, and I only paid $8400. Silver w/black interior, Auto tranny (smooth!), power everything. The only thing it is missing is a decent stereo (what were they thinking with that stock system? It's huge!).
    Anyhow, I put it in the shop yesterday and had the timing belt replaced. Had I not come here, I would not have had a clue to do that.
    Any other advice/comments are more than welcome. Thanks again!
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    Sounds good, low mileage. Have the tranny fluid drained and filter changed if never done , also coolant if never done.

    Good luck
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    Have the brake hydraulic system flushed.
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    I know this must sound like an horrible question, but I am a new owner of a 92 stealth and, for the life of me I can't figure out if it is a Standard or an ES model. Does the ES say it is that on the car. Please try to ignore the stupidity of the question.
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    Oh yes, can anyone suggest any inexpensive but effective modifications that can be done to my 92 stealth. Say under...$200.
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    about 2 years ago I purchased and 1992 dodge stealth / twin with 65,000 miles on it I thought I was getting a steal for only $12,000 but since then I have put over $5,000 into it just in repair because it keeps breaking down. I would not recommend this style of car to anyone unless you are willing to put a lot of money and time into it.
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    Hi guys
    I have a 91 stealth AS, 128k miles nit, bought it 2 years back with some 96k on it.
    have done engine flush/cleaning that time, and did the same with de-carobonization etc just last week, but the car still smokes bad..
    that is when I am ideling, for few seconds, and then press gas paddle (say while waiting at the stop sign or red light.. and then trying to accelerate..
    what can be the problem ? and roughly how much will it cost ? I do change oil and everything whenever needed ..
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