2012 Acadia Denali Purchase New July 2013 with Transmission Shifing Fluctuation Problem

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I have a Acadia Denali which drove fine for over a year or so and recently I felt a shudder sensation when the transmission shifts gears near 5th to overdrive. This automatic transmission problem only surface around three weeks ago and never happen before. But now, I am being told by my local dealership that this is a normal operating characteristic for this vehicle under certain operating conditions, per GM Document ID 3293098: #PI0919: Tachometer Fluctuation, Shudder Sensation. They also mention this is only affecting the 2012 models. I appreciate the dealership informing of this document, but now my question is when or can I expect something to be done to fix this problem. I have been an advocate of GM products for over 38 years with the purchase of my 1968 Chevy Belair and through their tough times and the good times. I just feel there is a lack of communication about the solution to the problem I am experiencing and this sway my opinion about GM customer service. I do not think this is the normal way this vehicle should drive and if it is, why didn't it drive like this in the beginning went I test drove it. I would have left it on the lot. I waited and admire this vehicle for quite sometime and now feel disappointed with its recently performance at 38600 miles. I would like to know if someone is working to find a solution to the PI0919 problem and will there be a follow-up communication coming soon. I spoke with a District GM Rep and who give me case #71-1281112164 but again no follow-up after a week. At this time, I feel like I should look at getting rid of this vehicle for another competitor's product.

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    I am having the same problem with my 2012 GMC Acadia Denali. I just hit the 30k mark and this probably started approx 3 weeks ago. It feels as if the car is shifting/revving but my speed/road conditions remain constant. I am noticing that even though the vehicle is the highest model type, that it is very poorly made. I have had issues with the A/C and they had to replace the tubes, etc. There are also minor things that are now going wrong as I near the end of my warranty-The rear view mirror drops, on the driver side the plastic piece that runs along the lower part of the frame the paint is peeling/chipping off. I take immaculate care of my vehicles, so to see these items presenting issues now is very frustrating. Please keep me posted if you find resolution. I am taking my vehicle in this week to get repaired. I will curious to see how they respond to tachometer fluctuation. I was thinking of trading my vehicle in as well, since the last thing I want is a lemon.

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    its not just 2012 ... my 2013 did it to me this morning ... Just saying ... looks like I will be going back to a chevy. My 10 year old Tahoe only been in shop 1 time. Thank God I didn't sell it!

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