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spratsprat Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet

2000 4.3 V-6, 159k. Will idle but when giving it the gas it bogs down. Got it on the garage and after reading some blogs I tried the following. Cut the pipe just before the cat and shoved a 3' curved end pry bar down to break up the insides of the front cat before the one that has the sensor behind it. started it up and BLEW out the guts to it with a sever buildup of carbon that looked like it was liquid before it molded itself to the guts. What a mess. pcs broken and fibers too. SO--it worked fine till recently again it started to bog down again. [Oh, I forgot to tell you I had the pipe enlarged to slip over the y-pipe so at one time I was going to have it welded back together. Had a exhaust clamp on it for the present time.] Back to present day problem-bogging while accelerating. On jack stands in garage and had son look under it while I noticed the pipe was moving back from y-pipe about an inch max and hearing a hissing noise. We removed the cat again- and what did we find inside--Large chunks of the front cat with much fiber too. Started it up--sounded good but blew out more pieces! So if it bogs and no power try the exhaust b4 the cat and see if its that b4 going to engine components. Chevys better idea of the double cats b4 the main cat on exhaust. Good luck with other problems--just one of Chevy's many problems!!

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