Anyone know anything about the Detroit diesel??

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but my Super Duty is involved. Found a gorgeous 1996 33' Safari motorhome today. Can get it for mid book AND I'm getting what I paid for my Super Duty. It is a diesel pusher (rear engine) and has a 190 HP Detroit diesel with a 4 speed Allison Auto. Salesman unsure of torque. Empty the power was underwhelming, but I assume like most diesels a load won't affect it that much. It would pull 50ish on some steeper grades out of town and I did insist on hooking up the boat and heading for Baker grade before the deal is consummated.
I know people here swear by both Powerstrokes AND Cummins. Anyone have info and opinions on the Detroit???


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    Had the 6V92 in buses that I worked on, the torque was unreal, something like 1400 lbs. HP was around 425 if I remember correctly.
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    I know in the 1/4 million $ rigs they use Cats up to 450HP. The rig I'm talking about was about $100,000 new and the only info I got from the salesman was it was a straight 6 that had 190HP. MY GUESS would be that it had to have around 600lbs of torque to move 33' of pusher.
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    I know they are very good....

    I drive by the impressive plant about once a month.....haha

    sounds like a good setup though

    - Tim
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