2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Need Help - Roaring Noise

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OK long story so hope I don't ramble too much but I need help. 2002 pontiac grand prix gt 3.8 122,000 miles. About 3 months ago the abs would active while going down the road and the abs light and trac off light would come on. Researched that and found that common problem was wheel bearing/abs sensor in bearing. So waited to replace that. About a month later it started a roaring noise and thought it may be the wheel bearings finally going out. Sounded like it was coming from the center of the car so could not tell if it was driver or passenger. Replaced both wheel bearings. It still has the roaring noise and now when you hit about 60mph and stay there for a minute the abs and trac light come on. If you restart the car they got off. I can drive local all day and they will never come on, but if I hit a highway they will come on after about 30 seconds. I noticed that the inner axle boots were busted and grease slung everywhere so replaced both axles and the roaring noise is still there and the lights still come on. A couple weeks ago it has start where if you start accelerating the low trac light will come on and cut the power to the engine, but if you cut the trac off it will stop. I can't think of anything else for the roaring noise other than something in the transmission. The trans shifts fine and havent had any trouble out of it thus far. I rotated tires to make sure it wasnt a tire issue but the noise stayed the same. It is a roaring that increases with the speed of the car. It does not get louder and softer with the shift of the transmission. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not sure what to do next.

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