vibrating speedometer/odometer cable/housing

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hey folks, this is the 2nd Ford that has given me this annoying noise problem. it is a vibrating noise that comes from the speedometer cable supposedly vibrating in the housing or in its coupling into the block. the noise kicks in at about 40 - 50 mph. and either continues or is sporadic. in either case, it is annoying . also had this noise on my 87 taurus.

does anyone know how to eliminate this noise. i am somewhat of a fanatic and like to have a vehicle free of extraneous noise. your help in this regard is much appreciated.



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    My '87 S10 did the same thing until I lube the cable thoroughly. It was a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] because the front of the dashboard had to be taken apart-I could not take the cable out at the transmission.
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