GMC Acadia transmission, and who knows what else...

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Oh boy, after reading every bodies problems with their Acadia I'm very afraid. I just contacted GM corporate and talked to a lady who got me in contact with a dealership in my town to work on my 2010 Acadia. I have only owned it 3 weeks and have already started having problems with the tranny and other things. I'm sure it's the timing chain and wave plate also. The dealership I bought it from isn't a GM certified one. So can't take it there to have warranty done. I actually had purchased another vehicle before this one from them and it ended up being a lemon so traded it for this Acadia. Now I'm afraid this Acadia is gonna be a lemon too. Oh boy, I sure don't need this headache. I'm disabled, have had 8, no joke 8 heart attacks, I have 3 stents in my heart. I've had 3 mini strokes (TIA's). Plus a whole host of physical problems due to my heart attacks. The dealership I bought this from told me the roll back and forward while in drive and reverse is normal, said it's to take wear off the tranny. Well I really hope they didn't lie to me. I have an app in the mornin with a REAL GM dealer, hopefully they will diagnose it and tell me the truth. If I have to I will hire a lawyer and call the ADA, NAACP, and whom ever else I need to call.
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