2004 Chevy Tahoe battery drain & electrical problems

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I have been having something draining my battery from 2008. I have had many mechanics go thru all my fuses. none of my factory fuses are the cause. I am on battery # 6. the last one only lasted 3 1/2 months!! Now when I found out about the problems with the cluster I went to my dealer and asked them what are the chances my cluster will go out? they said 99.9%!!! okay. it is supposed to happen around 100,000 miles. that is why there was not a recall. they are off the hook because they know your car is out of warranty!! none of my instruments went out. it never gave me a clue anything was wrong. after this battery I went to a interstate battery warehouse. the guy tested my battery and said I had a huge draw on it. I already knew that. he sent me to a auto electrician who went thru all my factory fuses again. he didn't tell me anything I didn't already knew. but that night a blue light came on in my dash. it was the high beam light. it had never been on before. now the power to the car was completely off! so I called Chevy and asked them if the cluster can cause a power drain? they said no! but when I went back to the auto electrician he said hell yes it can. so he fixed it for half the cost of the dealer $260. he said someone had already fixed it once. don't remember that. maybe the dealer. but he said they don't like the parts they use and they can go bad again!! he said mine will be good. he also said there is circuit boards behind the dash cluster. they control the radio and a bunch of other stuff. he said something in the board goes bad. so anyone who has had battery problems like me should really check into this with a auto electrician. I wish I could of gotten a clue from the forums over the years I was checking. I think Chevy should fess up and be more forthcoming with this information!!


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    I have a 2008 Tahoe and recently I have be having some pretty crazy things happen to it while driving down the road. whenever there is a shift in power ( going up a hill or turning on blinker or bright lights) the Tahoe will begin to loose power, door locks begin to lock/unlock repeatedly dash lights begin to flicker and its as if the battery has been disconnected while driving. THe clock resets, and the outside temp gage on the rearview mirror resets. THe battery has been recently replaced, all four doorlock assentuators ( spelling) have been replaced as well. Please help!! of course the dealership can't find anything worng with in in the 2 days they kept it.

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