P0106/M.A.P sensor part for Kia Rio 2007?

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So my 2007 Kia Rio is dying randomly (about 10 times in 1000 miles or so). The engine light is NOT turned on, but on putting a scanner, it throws these three error codes:

1) P0106
2) P0496
3) P0339

Now for P0339: I am getting the Crankshaft position sensor replaced.
I think P0496 (Evap) is not quite the problem here.

For P0106, the scanner says M.A.P sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor) but I can't find any such part when I search on http://www.kiapartswholesale.com/

Does anyone know what exact part has to be replaced for P0106? Is the M.A.P. sensor called something else in Kia Rio 2007???

Thanks much for any advise.

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