Best car for under $35000? Will be heavily modified.

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Hi all,

So recently I decided that I am going to purchase a new car, but I do not know which car I should get with a budget of $35000. I am going to be heavily modifying the vehicle eg. turbocharger, headers, fuel injectors, spark plugs, entire exhaust and intake system, pumps, intercooler, suspension, etc. Can anyone please help? I am OK with taking lightly used cars, and don't need any special features eg. luxury, rear seats, keyless entry, etc. just the basic performance.

Thank you!


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    Dunno - are you doing the mods yourself because you want the enjoyment of tweaking it over the next year or two or do you want the performance and don't care how you get it?

    If the latter, I think I'd try for a factory mod right out of the bat. Most manufacturers have an in-house performance division or work closely with a few modders, like Ford does with Roush.

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    I enjoy both tweaking it and performance.

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    Well, I like Miatas myself, but you really have lots of options. Sure had fun tooling around in a rental Camaro last year for a few days, and there's a big Mustang mod market out there. @MrShift@Edmunds here went a bit nuts modding his MINI.

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