2014 GMC Acadia Transmission fail

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Hi. I recently bought a 2014 gmc acadia. I noticed the transmission shifts horrible. It's seems to really wind out before shifting gears and is making me regret buying. I am wondering if this is a common problem with a easy fix or if I am stuck with a poorly made American product. I have been a long Toyota consumer with no complaints and figured I would try American. So far I am not impressed


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    It might be a "learning" thing or perhaps a software setting for maximizing mpg. Be worth a chat with the service writer so see if you can adapt it more to your style of driving.

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    Just got the wife's 2009 Acadia out of the dealership with a new re-man tranny. Only 81K on the vehicle and very disappointed. Been a GM guy all my life ya know, vette's to Silverado's. Even have an old Dale Earnhart license frame on my 02 vette. I didn't think the Acadia was even at half life and now I'm dropping $4,000.00 on a tranny. Had her 01 Tahoe forever and never a bit of trouble. Feel bad for the guys at the dealership. They didn't have anything to do with the engineering or manufacturing of the thing but you can tell they aren't real proud of this debacle.
    Never thought I'd have to call the government on GM. Service Advisor said I now have a 3Year/100K warranty but the best hope is for a recall. Everybody needs to go on-line to
    Safer Car.gov and let DOT know about the problem.

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    Hope you read this. I have the Saturn Outlook (2008) version of this. Never had a tranny problem, yet. Got a letter yesterday stating that they are now giving a 10 year, 120,000 mile warranty on the tranny. It did mention the wave plate issue. There was a form to file for repayment if you had already paid for a repair. I will get the letter when I get home and post if there are any more details.

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