NC: Is dealer required to do/pay for an inspection?

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It is not stated the dealership is required to do an inspection on the car. I bought it in Jan. 2014 (2013 model) and am trying to register it just now (on time but I'm running out of it) and can't do it because the inspection is too old. I called NC DOJ and that's what they said.

Called the dealership immediately, consumer protection and I could go on but I'm not getting answers. My spouse bought a car a week after I did and it was inspected. The dealership is most often stymied when I bring up any issue. This is no exception.

So, I know this is state-related and I'm stuck. I know y'all have super experience and can lead me through this and I know it's likely your opinion. I have never ever been through so many stupid issues like this.

Many thanks.

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    Hi whatfuture,

    We'd love to help you, but we need more information:

    What exactly is the inspection you are referring to?
    Did you buy the car new or used?
    Did you buy it an another state?
    Is your issue with the payment of the inspection or who carries it out?

    We're based in California, so any information you can give us will be a great help.

    -Ron Montoya, Consumer Advice Editor

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    Cool !
    1. I purchased the 2013 Elantra Ltd. new (70 miles) on 1/2/14 where I live in Asheville, NC from the Hyundai dealership in Asheville.
    2. The emissions and safety inspections is required where there are flavors of it in every state.
    3. Here are the issues:
    a) I was never told I needed to get the vehicle inspected and azzzumed the dealership would do it (they did but it was too old). Now registration cannot occur because there's no inspection. The manager blamed it on me, no surprise, but I told them I'm trying to get the car registered on time and could have done so if it had been inspected by them.
    b) Who is responsible for payment? My spouse's inspection was included with the new car he purchased locally. I can pay the few buck for an inspection but am irritated that it's yet another overlooked issue by the dealership.
    c) It may become an issue of who does it. I have a list of reasons not to trust the dealership (it would save them a few bucks for them to do it but cost me time and gas).

    Thanks, Ron.

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    It sounds like you're going to have to pay for this inspection out of pocket. You mentioned that the dealer had already conducted an inspection. As far as I know, they're only required to do it once. There may have been an expiration on the inspection and perhaps there was a lack of communication in informing you to get it taken care of ASAP. I'd say paying the few bucks for the inspection is a better use of your time than involving the DOJ. That could take more time and effort than you had in mind.

    Hope this helps.
    -Ron Montoya

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