2015 Honda Pilot

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Discuss the 2015 Pilot, here!

Edmunds says that a mid-year (2014) redesign is coming.


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    According to rumor, the 2015 Pilot is a clean sheet design. Yes - this means it is a total redesign.
    It should reach the dealer lots in October.

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    Stever, thanks for starting this discussion. Actually vrm, I believe Honda may delay the new Pilot makeover from 2015---> 2016 MY, and introduce it sometime in 2015 (Q1/Q2?) because, aside from the 2014 Pilot getting long in the tooth and falling way behind their competitors (( 2014 Toyota Highlander, 2014 Hyundai Sante Fe (3 row), 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, 2014 Kia Sorento, and the more lux 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2014 Acura MDX with which many families cross-shop the less expensive Pilot)) in safety, quieter ((less intrusive road noise (a frequent complaint by many Pilot owners, automotive journalists, and Consumer Reports; for example, I owned a 2003 Pilot, purchased new, and liked it a lot, but traded it for a much quieter 2010 Highlander instead of getting the updated 2010 Pilot since Honda made the Pilot uglier and did not address the road noise/insulation issue(RNII), but hopefully Honda will address the RNII on the next Pilot since the 2013 Honda Accord and 2014 Acura MDX are much quieter/better insulated)), convenience, completely revised infotainment/stereo head unit, engine performance, handling, and styling features (let's face it, the boxy 2014 Pilot may be somewhat roomy, but in my mind it's plain ugly when it doesn't have to be).

    In lieu of all of the above improvements that Honda's competitors have made, and that Honda knows it must make in the complete makeover of the next iteration of the Pilot to make it relevant, Honda Pilot engineers and senior managers must have gone into temporary cardiac arrest/shock when they recently learned the 2014 Pilot's safety cage around the driver was not safe in key areas, and did poorly on the IIHS frontal off-set crash test results. I believe this poor safety outcome has caused Honda to go back to the drawing boards to come up with a much safer design with stronger material(s) for the Pilot safety cage for it's occupants, because if they don't get it right their reputation and sales will suffer considerably. So this safety issue is most probably the main issue for the release delay of the next iteration of Pilot, be it a 2015 MY or 2016 MY. It is also my hope that the next Pilot will have Apple's CarPlay (and Google/Android in the Car) built into the new infotainment system head unit, since most other cars/SUVs/CUVs will have this new user interface connectivity/technology built into their new IVI systems when the new Pilot finally arrives.

    Check the following links for the 2014 Honda Pilot's test results in the recent release of the 2014 mid-size SUV/CUV IIHS frontal off-set crash test and video:

    Text of IIHS test results: (http:// "http://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/v/class-summary/midsize-suvs"); and it looks like from this report that the Kia Sorento and the Mazda CX-9 have a lot of work to do also to make their mid-size SUV's safer too! Even the 2014 Toyota Highlander, which scored quite well in most categories, should improve some of it's safety design from acceptable to good.

    CBS News Reports: IIHS Small Offset Crash Test Results for 2014 Mid-sized SUVs/CUVs: Chevy, GMC, Toyota--> Best; Honda--> Worst
    (http:// "")

    And: (http:// "")

    2014 Honda Pilot IIHS frontal off-set crash test results video: (http:// "")

    Apple's CarPlay (ACP) and it's competitors: (http:// "")

    ACP description on Apple's website (scroll down toward bottom of ACP page to see Honda's partnering plans): (http:// "http://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/")

    And yes Stever, I am unabashedly a video junkie! Thank God (and of course Larry and Sergey) for Google and You Tube!


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    Honda introduces the 'Special Edition' 2015 Pilot

    (http:// "http://blog.caranddriver.com/honda-introduces-special-edition-pilot-relax-its-just-a-new-trim-level/")

    Just a few months now before Honda announces/introduces the complete make-over of the 2016 Pilot, perhaps at the 2014 LA AS in November or the 2015 Detroit AS in January. The next iteration is long overdue.

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