2013 Mazda CX-5 dangerous surging and loss of power

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We are having problems with our 2013 CX-5. The dealership can't find anything wrong. Sometimes on take-off from a stopped position, the car doesn't move forward normally, which is very dangerous trying to enter traffic. Also from a stopped position, the car occasionally revs really high, feels like it's been hit from behind and surges forward several feet. If the brake pedal isn't pressed really hard, there's no telling how far the car would move, and if you're the first person at the stoplight, you could be forced into cross traffic and hit. I don't know what to do about this since the dealership can't find anything wrong. I found other Mazda owners on Edmunds forums complaining of the same issues, but I have not received any responses to my questions posted, so I'm trying again. Any help out there?


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    You could try "opening a case" with Mazda, and emphasize that your dealer can't fix the problem but that it's a real safety issue. Maybe they'll send a factory tech out.

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    How do I open a case?

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    There's contact info at mazdausa.com. About half way down that contact page are phone numbers for the Customer Experience Center and there's also an email address there.

    You could also ask your dealer to contact Mazda for you, but it doesn't sound like they've gone out of their way to address your concerns so if it were me, I'd just go direct to Mazda (or find another dealer).

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