1990 lesabre ignition problem

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car starts randomly, but when started, will die after 5 minutes or less. Tryto restart but restarts randomly as well. Dealer says crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, ignition module and harness, but I just had crankshaft sensor and ignition module replaced last year.


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    Did you replace the coil packs with the module? If not, a bad coil will kill a module. Take them off and up to your local parts place and have it tested. If no trouble code sets in the computer, the cam and crank sensors are good. Those will set codes for any fault, and the check engine light will come on. The coils and module will not show any trouble codes. To get the codes get a code scanner, the basic one, not some big fancy one, like $20 or so. Or if you live in an area with an auto zone, they will give you a book and code retrieval key for free. Get the codes and check it out. No codes usually equals coils, module or fuel pump. You can check that with a gauge on the fuel rail. Always replace the coils and module as sets, never individually, if it uses multiple coils replace them all AND the module. Good luck
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    You've been given good advice, but for trouble code retrieval and code interpretation on pre OBD-II (mid '95 and older) GM's go here. Click Technical-Trouble Codes at right upper corner, then GM. It'll cost you the price of a paper clip:

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