Determining value of Honda

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My daughter's 2000 Honda Coupe V6, 76,000 miles, perfect condition, car was totaled by a drunk college student who took out 5 cars in the apartment bldg parking lot. No one was hurt thank goodness.

It has been deemed "totaled" by insurance. To replace the car would cost 6-8K but the insurance is only offering $4.8k . Seems I have no recourse with them, they said that's the highest their comps and actuarial tables allow. The supposedly take market value into account but not retail value (difference?) and they won't use comps outside Florida. There are no similar cars with similar mileage for 1,000 miles.

Does anyone know if there is any recourse for the difference either with insurance or civilly? It's insane to me that we end up with a substantial loss for something that was not our fault and out of our control.

Has anyone been through this and come out even?

Thanks for any advice.

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