My 1998 Subaru Impreza automatic revs & thumps into gear when cold.

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My 1998 1.5 auto revs and thumps when engaging gears when cold, have read in other forums about similar probs and some say a sensor problem?. Transmission has been replaced bout 10,000km ago by previous owner maybe didn't need to be but not sure. Seems ok later in day when hot, has had fluid changed with recent service


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    Thanks for advise.Have had the fluid and filter just replaced with service so i dont think thats the problem here so far.Having trouble finding correct site for workshop manual at moment too would like to investigate further before spending money on Profesional labour time

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    Is there a chance that a trans oil cooler has been installed (or factory maybe) and if so, ensure that any thermo temp valve or solenoid that controls oil flow through the rad is not stuck open.

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    Is this the delayed engagement problem? You shift into drive and go nowhere for a bit? It's a known problem, and I actually saw it mentioned on an ATRA site but they didn't give any details. A leaking seal (somewhere - wish they had mentioned exactly what) prevents the proper build up of fluid pressure. When cold it's hard and won't mate. Sometimes if you rev the engine the rise in pressure will pop it into place, or it will eventually go there on it's own as long as a half minute after you shift into drive. But when it does, the appropriate clutch/brake for first gear planetary set engages with a bang! I'm sorry that I can't give you more. IF you get an answer, please come back and post it?

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