Nissan Pathfinder auto transmission failure

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Loved our pathfinder till today when transmission failure on holiday oil looks clean but after reading Im sure it will be the coolant from radiator thanks Nissan for letting me no ,wont buy a Nissan again?


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    A few months ago we noticed a shutter in the transmission, it had 108,000 miles. took it to our mechanic. He told us that this was the third one that he has seen with the problem of the fluids mixing. I paid him to fix it by changing the radiator flushing and changing all the fluids. this included the transmission fluid that was looking very milky white so that was contaminated with the oil and antifreeze mixing. About 3 weeks latter we had it flushed again it showed no signs of the fluids mixing. When I called corporate Nissan they said it was over the warranty so they could do nothing for me.
    Now it has about 120,000 miles on it and the transmission is gone thank god we were close to home. This is our third Nissan i had a 93 pathfinder, currently we have the 09 pathfinder and a 2000 frontier. I am going to fight with them about this. This is a major safety hazard after this i do not think that we will be buying another Nissan pathfinder. If they do not make it right and fix it at no cost to me. I know that there were class action law suits but the deadline has passed to file for the money. they only thought about the ones that had issues back then why didn't they think about the future owners too? I cant afford to drop another 4000.00-6000.00 in this car.
    Has anyone else contacted them and gotten the same answer I did?

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